About Me

About Me

I am an author and historian of British military history, with a primary focus on the period 1700 to 1945. I am also a graduate of the University of Central England and a post-graduate of the University of Portsmouth.

My first book, An Illustrated Introduction to the Battle of Waterloo, was published in May 2015 to mark the 200th anniversary of the battle. Since then I have written a number of other books, including: Pathan Rising: Jihad on the North West Frontier of India, 1897-1898; The Sirdar and the Khalifa: Kitchener’s Reconquest of Sudan, 1896-1898; and Chitral 1895: An Episode of the Great Game.

Current book projects include: The Lion and the Dragon: Britain’s Opium Wars with China, 1839-1860 and Arabi: The British Invasion of Egypt, 1882. 

In addition to my books, I also regularly contribute to a number of history magazines. These include: History of War Magazine; Military History Monthly Magazine; and The Armourer Magazine. I also write book reviews for Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine and act as a fact checker for History Revealed Magazine.

As well as this web site/blog, I am also the founder and administrator of the Napoleonic Wars Forum and the Victorian Wars Forum. Both were setup to provide online discussion places for anyone with a genuine interest in the two periods. Members of the forums come from all walks of life, such as academics, well-known authors, militaria collectors, family researchers, and those with just a passing interest.

Although I am usually busy writing, I am always happy to hear from publishers, magazine editors or TV production companies etc. who seek my knowledge and expertise. If you would like to discuss a project please contact me via the contact form on this site.

I live in England.


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